RMD Components Italia Srl was founded in 2000 as a reseller of products in the electrical sector such as military connectors, consumer and special industrial connectors, and custom electric cables for industrial applications. Over the years, the company has evolved and specialised, with the primary goal of offering a service which meets the increasingly complex and challenging requirements of its customers.

The expertise and professionalism of RMD Components Italia Srl, in partnership with top companies in the field, have allowed it to offer the kind of innovative solutions which are required to solve issues related to its customers’ production processes.

RMD Components Italia Srl has now become a manufacturer as well as a reseller, producing specific solutions for various industrial sectors such as robotics, automation, railways and prototyping; the company places particular focus on delicate aspects such as employees/operators, workplace health and safety, and continuous improvement.

R.M.D. Components Italia S.r.l.

Via Avigliana 24
10040 - Rivalta di Torino (TO) - Italia
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VAT Number: 08027600017

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